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What Does it Mean to be a Witch?

A witch isn’t a label nor is it a classification, a title, an epithet, or a trend. Being a witch is a calling, and not one to be entered into lightly. I practice earth based magick, sorcery, divination, channeling, astrology, herbalism, and healing magick.

If you’ve begun to investigate who you are at your core and if you’re ready to see yourself as something other than the labels of a twisted, anachronistic society, you may be a witch. If you’re turning to the ways of our ancestors and tuning into your connection with Mother Earth, you may be a witch. If you long for freedom, if you feel a natural draw to the craft, to nature, to the stars, plants, and your intuition has always been your guide and you’re ready to take the time and put more into your ability as a sovereign creatrix or creator in this reality then you may be a witch. The truth is, most modern-day witches don’t dress in all black and wear a pointy hat, but they are everything that the world fears – sovereign, loving, tolerant, harmonious, and in tune with the natural world. And that, dear ones, is the antidote to cure our toxic patriarchal society.

About Section

About Me

I help women through mentorship which includes yoga asana, yoga philosophy, and meditation, diving deep into the emotional, mental, and physical body. Shamanic bodywork, rituals, womb wisdom, retreats, and seasonal circles are my favorite ways to help guide you back home to your highest self. I also have a deep Soul Love for the Priestess Path and Astrology, finding shadow and light through our birth chart as well as consciously living by the phases of the moon and all the elements of the natural world. ​

Discover Your Purpose

Learn the ways of the modern-day witch through a journey of self-discovery, healing, spirituality, and witchcraft. You’ll discover how living under the patriarchy has programmed you to disempower yourself and deny your sacred femininity. Connect to the elements, learn about the wheel of the year, learn herbalism, and more.


Practical Magick

If you’re drawn to the mysteries of witchcraft long for a sense of connection to like-minded people, you’re being called to Practical Magick.


The Way of the Witch

This course sends you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, wholeness, spirituality, and witchcraft.

Healing Retreats

Your healing journey starts here. Join your sacred sisters for an immersive, restorative, and magickal experiences complete with sharing circles, herbalism, healing rituals, spell work, and more! Honor the Divine Feminine within you and transform your life.


The Mystic Witch Coven

As solitary witches, we all long for the mystery and magick of sisterhood. That’s why I started the Mystic Witch coven – a fun and supportive community of like-minded witches connecting through the power modern technology. We gather virtually for spell work, lunar activations, Sabbat rituals, honoring the seasonal shifts in the wheel of the year, and much, much more!

Explore More Options

From powerful spiritual and womb healing retreats to Mystery School teachings and classes, meditation, and more, there’s something for everyone in the Mystic Witch community.



Tarot card reading, an ancient art of divination and introspection, offers seekers a pathway to profound insights and spiritual guidance.



The yoni is the sacred temple of a woman’s body, in other words, her Vulva or Womb, and is connected to the Goddess, and shakti energy.

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