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Healing the Past. Crafting the Future.

This course sends you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, wholeness, spirituality, and witchcraft. 

Welcome to your journey of self-discovery.

A witch has the spirit of a healer and a leader. But first we must do the work to heal the Witch Wound – the culmination of stored ancestral trauma as a result of incarnating into a patriarchal society. In ancient times, witches were born into a lineage or birthright of being a Priestess. In modern times, we chose to be a Priestess. As a solitary, eclectic witch, I realize there is a need for witches to eschew the organized doctrine of Wicca and to talk the path of a priestess as a sovereign, autonomous being. Healing the Witch Wound enables you the power to recognize and integrate your wounds in a healthy way while reclaiming your power as a witch.

Many of us are strongly intuitive and have an inner knowing that the organized belief systems aren’t the way for us, but then what is the way?


If you’re just starting on your witch path but aren’t sure what it all means, you’re in the right place. This is the reason why I created the Way of the Witch for modern witchy women – the Priestesses of the twenty first century!


The Goddess is calling us to heal the wounded feminine Through collective womb healing, we are restoring balance to the planet together. Most of have stored trauma that we need to heal. This path is not to replace traditional psychotherapy with a medical professional; however, it can be a great addition to your therapy work. The path of the witch is one that takes you through finding out how every aspect of your life has led you to who you are now. This is nothing to be shameful of as working through the dark night of the soul and your greatest wounds can lead you to becoming the best version of yourself. This path can help you love yourself more by stripping away the programming of living in a patriarchal society. Healing the Witch Wound is shadow work. It means looking at and unraveling all pieces of ourselves to find who we really are without all the conditioning, trauma, and coping mechanisms we gather along our lives to survive.



What You'll Learn

  • Spells

  • Ethical & moral ways to cast spells and do ritual and ceremony

  • Learn ritual

  • How to alter consciousness

  • Body coding steps & activations

  • Initiations

  • Connect to the Goddess/Divine Mother

  • Cosmic balance

  • Past life exploration

  • Stock your magickal medicine cabinet

  • Learn to heal yourself

  • Shadow work

  • Feminine embodiment

  • Ancestral healing

  • Find out what type of witch you are

  • Learn to work with the Rose

  • Altar making

  • Breaking Spells

  • Womb healing

  • Channeling

  • Divination

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • Energetic alignment

  • Embodiment

  • Voice Activations

  • Circle Casting

  • Wheel of the Year

  • Earth & Nature Connection

  • Lunar Living

  • Energetic Healing Techniques 

  • Priestess Path Certificate of Completion

  • Priestess of the Rose Certificate


Learn The Thirteen Powers of The Witch

You will learn what it means to weave magick and how to become a magickal weaver of the elements.  With so much being shared about the witch and all the freedom that draws so many to the solitary path, it is important that we don't lose the foundational principles of witches and priestesses of ancient times. Yes, the path of the witch is freeing and liberating as we are not under anyone's thumb, however integrity to the path and an honoring of those who paved the way before us means taking the traditional time to study the craft and become initiated before sharing our craft with others.

As as you say the words “I am A Witch” the universe begins to work in your favor. You will develop your psychic gifts as well as being able to bless and curse in the name of the Goddess, but course study is needed to become acquainted with the Goddess. The Goddess is an important part of the craft as she is considered our Creatrix. In the craft, we do not honor the patriarchal God of the modern world we honor the Goddess and a God, The Lord and the Lady. Moreover, we do not need a “savior” in the craft, as witches of old did not conform to the church. A witch saves herself.


You will learn the wheel of the year and go through an entire year of celebrating each sabbat and work on healing all the conditioning and programing of a patriarchal society. The Way of the Witch is about, about healing the Witch Wound and learning the wisdom of earth-based magick, spells and rituals, and initiating yourself through ceremony. You will be committing to your craft in a good way, and not just doing a spell or wearing a crystal and saying I am a witch. With this course, you will start to understand how to be an alchemist by connecting the elements in a way you never have before.

The Earth Cauldron

Connect to the earth and to your body by learning body code mapping, a new spin on the wheel of the year, working with plants, and learning how to stock your magickal cabinet.


The Goddess Cauldron

Learn to connect with a Divine Mother. Connect to the goddesses and Divine feminine through a deep understanding about the women who came before us as witches and priestesses. Learn to cast a circle of empowerment and altar making.

The Inner Child Cauldron

Heal our core wounds. We all have wounds because of societal conditioning. Learn to work with your mother and father wounds through your own personal astrology chart. See how your astrology reflects these challenges and the gifts that can come from being aware of them.


The Womb Healing Cauldron

A deep dive into reclaiming our womb space. Learn the beginning steps to clear the wounding of our own lives as well as the wounding we have carried in through our blood lines. By understanding the gateways to the womb and the initiation steps you will begin to manifest the life you desire.

The Elemental Magick Cauldron

Connect to the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit through spells, rituals, and activations. Learn rituals for the moon phases and how to make moon water.

The Divination & Channeling Cauldron

Open up to psychic gifts and the ability to connect with spirit through practices that ignite your psychic senses. At the end of level one you will receive The Eight Rays of Light Activation/North Star Blessing.


If you have, then know that what you are seeking is seeking you, and that draw to these feminine masters is your call to the Ways of the Witch.


Collective Consciousness is Shifting

If you want to make a difference in the shifting and expanding world we live in or to deepen your healing journey, refine, or learn new skills to broaden the scope of what you’ve previously learned on social media or in books, you are on the right path. Follow the Way of the Witch. Let’s do this together!


You will enter the The Golden Rose where Goddess Isis will be your guide to understanding all the hidden gifts you came into this life with that you may deny exists within you, as these gifts are hidden within the golden shadow.

The Black Rose Goddess

where Lillith will be your guide to learning about how feminine sexuality & gifts have been oppressed through patriarchy. Learn what gift are hidden in the darkness through shadow work and ancestral healing.


The White Rose Goddess

where Mother Mary will be your guide to reclaiming your innocence and divinity. Connect to the Goddess, The Divine Mother of ALL Life and find her essence within you.


The Red Rose Goddess

where Mary Magdelene will be your guide to healing the womb, the witch wound and awakening to the power feminine sexuality holds through embodiment of transcendent energy. Discover how sexual energy holds the power to awakening the oracle of your womb space and psychic gifts.


The Pink Rose Goddess

where Quan Yin will be your guide to self-love and compassion through honoring the inner child. You will learn how to release all the trauma glue holding your heart chakra closed and awaken to your true power to serve humanity through opening your heart.

You will also learn to honor and work with each of the thirteen new moons through ceremony and ritual. By honoring the thirteen moons you will learn how to honor each season. You will also learn about all eight phases of the moon, how to weave each into your craft, the best days of the week to do magick, the planets and energies that rule them, and how to draw down the moon.

More Witch Classes


Practical Magick

If you’re drawn to the mysteries of witchcraft long for a sense of connection to like-minded people, you’re being called to Practical Magick.


Witches Mentorship

Divine feminine teachers that you can trust to guide you. Enjoy all classes pre-recorded so you can return to them again and again!


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga removes stagnant energy so our higher self can safely decent into the body as she was created to do.

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