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Practical Magick for the Solitary Witch

Are you drawn to witchcraft and the ways of old but don’t know where to start your journey? The path of the witch is about answering the ancient call within to return home to the magick of the natural world and embrace who you truly are at the soul level.

Learn Elemental Magick and Spell Casting

For a millenia, the Divine feminine within all women has been demonized, vilified, and silenced at the hands of a misogynistic and controlling patriarchal society. This resulted in generations of stored ancestral trauma in the form of the “Witch Wound”.

The Witch Wound is the fear of your feminine gifts and your birthright as a healer, oracle, priestess, creatrix, herbalist, and sorcerer. If you’re excited to learn the witchy ways, how to connect to the moon, commune with nature, and dance under the stars, this is the class for you.

Practical Magick for the Solitary Witch is a beginner’s course to understand the foundational elements in all magick – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. This course is an introduction to The Way of the Witch year and a day program. This spellcrafting class and ebook has all you need to know to start your journey to realizing your authentic self in the comfort of your own home. The course includes six classes and a corresponding spell book. You will learn what type of witch you truly are, crystal grid and pentacle making, how to cast spells for bringing more abundance, love, joy, and psychic awareness into your life through elemental magick. You’ll learn how working with earth, air, fire, water, and spirit can influence different areas of your life as well as working with the wheel of the year.



includes all online classes and ebooks.

What We’ll Cover

We explore phases of the moon, your astrological birth chart, personalized ritual work, herbal tinctures, spell jars, simmer pots and more. I customize these sessions to what you want to learn. You will receive my spell book Practical Magick for the Solitary Witch as part of this program. This is an e-book for the witches who practice on their own. I am somewhat of a natural hereditary witch, eclectic, and solitary witch. There are many types of witches, and we don't have to choose one specific path, but we will learn about all the realms of witchcraft!

  • Work with Ascended Masters

  • 28 days of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit

  • Witches pyramid

  • Protection through calling in your circle of empowerment

  • Honoring the seasons through the wheel of the year

  • Witchy holidays

  • Goddesses

  • Become a ceremonialist

  • Meet your guides

  • Become a healer

  • Altar making

  • Casting a circle

  • Spells and rituals

These sessions are deep soul work and include whatever spirit calls in for you that day. 


You will also learn the 28 days of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit as well as the Witches Pyramid Ceremony if you are uncertain what you'd like to learn but still want a private mentorship.


A word about hexing

If you are looking to learn hexing and cursing, I am NOT your mentor. I do not believe in hexing and cursing. I teach protection rituals and binding spells so if you believe you need protection from someone who may be trying to do you harm you have the energetic tools to help yourself and your family. We can have too much protection and some witches focus so much on protection they block their ability to manifest, we will explore how much to protect and how to empower ourselves.

The first law I will teach you is to first do no harm and second everything we do intentionally we do for the highest and best good of all. This is practicing the craft in an authentic way.

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