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Connect. Learn. Grow.

Are you a solitary witch but long for a connection with fellow practitioners? Do you long to work with others to deepen your craft? Do you wish to connect with others on the sabbats and magickal holidays?

Experience the Magick of Community in Our Virtual Coven

The Mystic Witch Coven is an online community of like-minded people who seek knowledge, support, and connection on their magickal journey in a safe, loving, and accepting environment.

Although the modern witch has become more normalized and accepted in most society structures, we are still outnumbered by those that follow strict religious dogma. That said, many of us remain in the broom closet and are unaware of our witchy sisters and brothers that may be around us. We long for sister & brotherhood with people of like mind but if you're like me, you don't want to be a part of another structured religious organization like Wicca.

Pricing Options

$22 per Zoom gathering for each Sabbat

$100 fo Litha-Yule 2024 coven gatherings package


2024 Dates

Spring Equinox Ostara  - March 19 5:00 AZ time

Beltane  - May 1 5:00 AZ time

Summer Solstice Litha -  June 16 5:00 AZ time

Lughnasa Lammas - July 31 5:00 Az time 

Fall Equinox Mabon  - Sept 21 5:00 AZ time

Samhain - Oct 26, 3:00 AZ time

Winter Solstice Yule - December 20 5:00 AZ time


In-Person Fall Equinox 10 am - 8 pm in Prescott AZ.

The evening ceremony will be provided live on Zoom for those who cannot attend. 

Live Ticket Info to be announced.

What you'll receive at each gathering

  • Casting a Circle – we will call in the directions and the elements as well as deities to support and protect our gathering.

  • Place yourself in the center of the circle – this is done by a group breath and saying one's name, this establishes each of our sovereign solitary paths and still being a part of a community and all equally a part of the gathering.

  • Seasonal and astrological Influences of the time we are living in.

  • Wisdom about the Sabbat we’re covering.

  • A spell that we will do together live during our gathering – you will receive a what to bring list three weeks before each gathering.

  • Sharing circle – this is a time when Harmony will pose a question for the group such as
    “what is your favorite part of being a witch?”. Anyone who wants to share and those who don't want to share will not have to.

  • A guided meditation to activate any spell work done or integrate any energetic or astrological influences.

  • We will close the circle we cast and stay in touch through Whats App!

  • Within 24 hours of our gathering, everyone will receive a recording of gatherings so if you can't make it, you can still participate in the replay.

You Didn’t Think You Were the Only Magickal Girl in Town…

With Mystic Witch Harmony Rose as your facilitator and guide, you’ll gather with your sisters and brothers via Zoom as well as have lifetime access to our WhatsApp Coven Group where we stay in touch in between the gatherings. It’s a fun and engaging way to experience a magickal community from the comfort of your own home. We cover spell work, inner child healing projects, and talk about issues we feel the world doesn’t understand about the modern witch.


There is no hierarchy in this coven although Harmony acts in a high priestess role to guide and educate our members. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting your magickal journey, this is a space for those who want to be a part of a coven without any strings attached! Together we will heal the Witch Wound while empowering each other to embrace all we are meant to be.

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