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Welcome, Sistar


Hi, I'm Harmony!

I am a Witch with training in many avenues. I am a certified E-RYT200  Yin & Shakti Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Life Coach, Retreat Facilitator, Womb Priestess, Yoni Steam Facilitator, Divine Feminine Mentor, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Teacher.

My passion is bringing women to gather as sisters on a path of healing! Guiding women in healing trauma held in the womb so they may return to their center is my gift and specialty. My Heart, Intuitive Abilities & Witchy Wisdom are how I create space for this transformation to arrive in women's lives.

Weaving the ways of the wild and wise woman into the lives of modern-day women can bring a sense of wholeness and freedom that we all long for.

I believe that in our highest expression the divine feminine truly has the power to heal the hearts of humanity, returning to a place of unity consciousness


My Mission

I help women through mentorship which includes yoga asana, yoga philosophy, and meditation, diving deep into the emotional, mental, and physical body. Shamanic bodywork, rituals, womb wisdom, retreats, and seasonal circles are my favorite ways to help guide you back home to your highest self. I also have a deep Soul Love for the Priestess Path and Astrology, finding shadow and light through our birth chart as well as consciously living by the phases of the moon and all the elements of the natural world.  

I am here to show you just how powerful you are to manifest the life you've always dreamed of!

I, like most, had quite a history of unhealed trauma which led me to live a life that felt like darkness. I had walked away from the Mormon religion I was raised in and was determined to heal all the unspoken things in my life that were slowly killing me, like all of the conditioning to be a good girl and to deny the sexual trauma I had endured. This was one of the hardest journeys of my life. These wounds were buried deep in my body energetically and turned into a genetic disease. I spent many years struggling with severe chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, along with many health and weight issues.

A Little About My Journey

When I was first drawn to the path of the priestess and the ways of the witch it scared and excited me. I read book after book absorbing the women who walked this path before me. I took classes here and there, but the only path seemed to be Wicca which is in basic terms the religion of witchcraft. I had no interest in that or any religion or organized belief system. All I did know was that in my heart of hearts, I was drawn to be a ceremonial Priestess, what society would call a witch and I had, had this calling since I was 11 years old. I dabbled until I was 28 years old when I had the inner strength to leave the religion and old ways I was programmed by behind. So, I embraced this calling although at the time I did not know a soul to turn to for guidance. As I meandered down this path guided by books and clues from my spirit guides, grandmothers, ascended masters and my bloodline I found there was inner wisdom I had. At the time I had no clue what this really meant. It was an inner knowing of how to do a ceremony or ritual. I would read ways of doing things in witches' handbooks and think, this isn’t the way you’re supposed to do that and then think. wait who am I to say how this should be done.

In our modern world there is a deep inner calling for many women, they feel this deep inner wisdom trying to break free. On this path as many do, I ended up in yoga learning to fully be in my body, connecting to my higher self. Synchronically, I ended up meeting a local medium and a soul coach from Peru who became my mentors along with an Indigenous woman who taught me more than I can share here and to embrace the witch I knew I was. All these mentors and guides taught me to trust the ancient wisdom coming through me. Before this, I floundered around creating more havoc than good, at least in my teenage and young adult years. This is part of my passion for sharing this wisdom with other women. I can show you what not to do, as well as what to do!

I practiced alone for many years. I laugh thinking back to my husband and kids watching me on a cold Samhain night casting circles and burning letters to the Goddess. The day I received a red rose as an answer to my call to a divine mother I committed myself to the path of the priestess. My family would laugh and make fun of the salt circles and candles but as time went on friends seen the shift in me and began to turn to me for my witchy wisdom which turned out to be the teachings of the Rose and some Pagan Ceremonial Magick.

That is where I birthed The Way of the Witch. From this ancient ceremonial wisdom, I held, along with many things I learned, and deeply respected from the many cultures my mentors came from. Along with the desire to guide women like me who feel like there is more to this life than what we see with our human eyes.

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