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What Does It Mean to Be a Witch?

What does it mean to be a witch? The definition is complex, varied, and yes, woefully misunderstood in modern society. To many, the word witch evokes images of a scary woman dressed in black with a pointy hat, riding a broom with a cat who flies around terrorizing small children. And while the hats, cats, and brooms are very much a part of the practice, the frightening green-faced, mole-riddled hag is a false, distorted, and tired trope that frankly needs to go away.

Historically, witches were sovereign women who owned themselves as opposed to being owned by men. They were healers and practitioners of sorcery, herbalism, and earth-based magick and while the witch has evolved over time, these practices remain a part modern-day witchcraft. Moreover, being a witch isn’t specific to only women as men can be witches too.

A witch isn’t a label nor is it a classification, a title, an epithet, or a trend. Being a witch is a calling, and not one to be entered into lightly. I practice earth based magick, sorcery, divination, channeling, astrology, herbalism, and healing magick. I can curse and hex. However, I choose not to as baneful magick is in direct conflict with my values and beliefs as a healer. My work in the world is to empower women who identify as a witch, to guide them in the “Old Ways” as well as healing the witch wound – the culmination of stored generational trauma as a result of incarnating into a warped and controlling patriarchal society rife with misogyny, intolerance, vitriol, fear, and hate.  The witch wound is in all of us. It’s the wounded society we live in that vilifies, demoralizes, invalidates, and persecutes those they cannot control. But these are all just symptoms of a toxic society that lacks the self-awareness necessary to understand that toxicity begets toxicity. In the immortal words of John Lennon – love is the answer. That’s what being a witch is all about.


As a witch, I do not prescribe to any organized religion, gospel, or faith including Christianity. I do not have a savior. I choose to save myself. I commune with the earth and the stars. I listen to the wind and look to the stars when I feel lost in this lonely world. We live by the wheel of the year, following the journey of the sun, birth, life, death, and rebirth she sees nature as reflective our true nature. We cast stones and light candles, we mix tinctures, bless the poor, and heal the sick. And when all else fails and people feel stuck, they turn to us as a beacon of hope in the darkness of our society. Sadly, even today, the witch is still seen as dark, evil, and demonic.


My life’s calling is to empower other witches and bring them together in community. I am a solitary witch. I have always been solitary as even the religion of Wicca feels too restrictive although I highly respect their craft. I practice eclectically. I am not a Christian nor does my soul need saving. The path I share is one of freedom and self-discovery. I look to the ancestors who walk with us in a good way as a guide and listen for the voice of Spirit within all. I am one with Source, the Creator, the Goddess. I create altars for each sabbat of the wheel and adorn them with the shape of a triangle or a pentacle – two symbols that are highly misunderstood. In my world, I honor the elements of alchemy as magick exists within all of us. The only difference between the witch and anyone else is that we know and own ourselves. We are the Goddess in human form. We are the elements – earth, air, fire, water, and Spirit. We understand that everything is possible and what appears to be supernatural and otherworldly to others is simply the essence of who we are – magick.

Are You a Witch?

If you’ve begun to investigate who you are at your core and if you’re ready to see yourself as something other than the labels of a twisted, anachronistic society, you may be a witch. If you’re turning to the ways of our ancestors and tuning into your connection with Mother Earth, you may be a witch. If you long for freedom, if you feel a natural draw to the craft, to nature, to the stars, plants, and your intuition has always been your guide and you’re ready to take the time and put more into your ability as a sovereign creatrix or creator in this reality then you may be a witch. The truth is, most modern-day witches don’t dress in all black and wear a pointy hat, but they are everything that the world fears – sovereign, loving, tolerant, harmonious, and in tune with the natural world. And that, dear ones, is the antidote to cure our toxic patriarchal society. 

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Yin Yoga removes stagnant energy so our higher self can safely decent into the body as she was created to do.


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