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There’s a little magick in all of us

Gifting yourself this retreat will give you the time and space to really dig deep into who you are at your core while having so much fun!

Come Home to the Magick of the Natural World

Have you ever had the desire to connect with the moon? What about developing a deep connection with nature or dancing wildly under the starlit sky. If you’re drawn to the mysteries of witchcraft long for a sense of connection to like-minded people, you’re being called to Practical Magick. This five-day, four-night all inclusive retreat is about answering the ancient call within to come home to the magic of the natural world and the art of alchemy.

October 28 – November 1, 2024

Moondance Sanctuary, Sedona, AZ


From $280 - $2,599

Additional Retreat Details

You’ll spend five magickal days and four enchanting nights in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, immersed in rituals, spell work, ceremonies, herbalism, workshops, sharing and healing circles, nature walks, connecting to Spirit, yourself, and other like-minded sisters. We will explore the wisdom of the Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Goddess. You see the modern-day witches are the healers, leaders, teachers, spiritual guides, and medicine women of the twenty-first century and age of Aquarius that this planet has been waiting for!

Now is your time and this is the place to reclaim your inherited birthright to create and heal with the gifts of our loving earth mother, and to own our bodies and the magical abilities we hold in our womb space and throat chakra!

  • What to expect at the Wild Woman Retreat
    Facilitators Harmony Rose, Margo Burdek, and Maggie Clark have created this unique experience through years of training, education, teaching, and mentorship. All the classes and offerings are designed to complement one another, providing a holistic approach to healing through empowerment, not coddling or codependency. Each day's teachings and healing work build on the work we did the day before. We beautifully integrate shadow work/deep healing with the fun stuff, so you experience life-changing "aha" moments while allowing time for both tears and laughter! ​ The days are filled with sacred healing circles, sharing circles, witchy workshops, hiking, swimming, womb healing ceremonies, and more! The evenings are reserved for ritual and ceremony while wearing the same color as the priestesses, reflecting on the healing and learning for that day. Wild Woman allows you to reconnect with your sovereignty once and for all. But there is a catch... ​ Fear of the unknown. ​ Oftentimes, women are afraid to commit to attending a retreat like Wild Woman even though the want to desperately. We know how hard it is to venture outside the comfort zone and go to an event solo, not knowing anyone. You can't take a woman out of our modern society and expect her to step into the essence of a wild woman without some integration. ​ Well, we're here to say unequivocally, don't worry. Everything we do is intentional. First, we focus on digging your wild woman out from under all the conditioning and programming she’s trapped under but longing to break free. We’ve designed this retreat to quickly move you from feeling alone and scared to being a part of a sovereign sisterhood which lasts a lifetime. And yes, it happens quickly, from day one and builds as each day goes on. Before you know it, you’ll be running wild and free with your sisters, exploring the natural beauty of magical Sedona.
  • Retreat Activities
    Five Days, Four Nights All - Inclusive Retreat Red Tent Ceremony Sharing Circles Spells & Rituals Inner Child Healing Oak Creek Water Ceremony Yoni Steaming Yin Yoga & Embodiment Guided Meditation Summer Solstice Ceremony Herbal Wisdom & Foraging Cacao Ceremony Tarot Card Readings Sound Healing Before Bed Sunrise Vortex Explorations Gourmet Vegetarian Meals Time To Rest & Relax Sisterhood Professional Photography by Ashley Darling
  • Accommodations
    Essence of a Wild Woman is held in Sedona, Arizona at a location specifically chosen to hold the energy of the work we do as sisters. The location details will be sent to you upon registering. We will visit different vortex sites for healing work and ceremony. there are no shopping trips or jeep tours, as our retreats focus on womb healing, sisterhood, and developing your divine feminine nature. We will be going to sacred land, vortex sites, and creeks. ​ We will stay in a 6,000-square foot retreat home in the heart of Sedona; you will share a room and a bathroom with a sister. The retreat home is modern and beautiful with air conditioning, areas for yoga movement, and sister circles. There are lovely decks and seating areas that overlook the red rocks so you can mediate or relax. We will be a few short minutes from the creek and there is a pool and hot tub on the property, along with an adorable little pond for reflection and journaling. The retreat is all-inclusive so everything including meals and the vortex sites are included.

Dig Deep into Who You Really Are

Gifting yourself this retreat will give you the time and space to really dig deep into who you are at your core while having so much fun! Exploring your connection to nature will heal your heart and spirit and allow you to connect with your authentic self as a witch.


There is a power that lies deep within all of us longing to emerge from the depths of our souls. It may feel a little scary to use the word witch​ but if you’re drawn to spell work, creating herbal concoctions from our plan allies, or you simply want to dive deeper into what it means to be a modern-day witch then this is the retreat for you. Or...Are you already on your magick-making path? Do you already work with spells, herbs and plants, the moon, sun, and stars but would like to expand your wisdom, explore new ideas, and connect with others who practice witchcraft?


Either way, this is the place for you!


Meet Your Facilitators

Harmony Rose

Harmony Rose is an eclectic solitary witch with over 35 years of experience in witchcraft, spirituality, shamanic healing, and womb healing. Her practice is heavily influenced by her Celtic and Italian lineage. She is a shamanic life coach and Reiki Master Teacher and an initiated priestess of Isis and a Rose priestess. She is a certified Yoni steam facilitator and womb priestess as well as an E-RYT 200 trauma informed yoga teacher. Harmony is also a ceremonialist in the Sophia circle and trained in the 9 Rites of the Munay Ki and 13th rite of the womb.


Margo Burdek

Margo Burdek is a spiritual herbalist with 17 years of herbal experience. She is a graduate of the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, certified Grace Integrity® Master Coach, and energy healing/shamanic practitioner. Margo teaches Spiritual Herbalism Workshops, both online & in her Herbal Goddess Studio in Prescott, AZ.

Her journey was deeply influenced by the teachings of folk traditions, shamanism, chakra psychology, and Transcodes Energy Healing. She serves her community by consulting in herbalism, organizing gatherings, classes, and offering healing sessions.

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