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Yoni Crystals

The yoni is the sacred temple of a woman’s body, in other words, her Vulva or Womb, and is connected to the Goddess, and shakti energy. The womb of the divine mother is where all creation is born. Our bodies are the same, our wombs are to create and give birth to life.

Online Collection

The womb and yoni being mostly water absorbs all energies for better or worse and creates beauty in our lives as well as magnetises lessons to help us clear the negative energy from our past experiences and our ancestor's experiences we inherited. The womb is not a place to store fear and pain so we use tools like yoni wands and eggs to energetically clear the lower lever energies that have been stored there. 

We can also do this work as it is multifaceted and layered through womb healing ceremonies. I am passionate about the need for women to heal their womb space as this is a step to reclaiming our divine feminine birthright, and gifts.

Not all crystals are made for internal use as most have been made with toxic chemicals to shape and form them. We don’t want to further traumatize our wombs by putting a toxic crystal in them. This is why I specifically chose these crystal wands and eggs, they have been created with intention and are safe for internal use having an intricate system of creation so they don’t have to use chemicals to shape them. Yes, there are cheap wands and eggs online but they are created with toxic chemicals and again they will not serve their purpose of clearing energy when they are full of chemicals so Yoni Crystals is the only brand I will stand behind.

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